NRI Attorney Kamala Harris to run for US Senate

Kamala Harris the California Attorney General, has announced that she will run for the US Senate seat to represent the people of California. Harris, 50, said she wants to be a voice for Californians. She pledged to be a fighter for the next generation on the critical issues facing America, and will fight for middle class families who are feeling the pinch of stagnant wages and diminishing opportunities. Harris the former district attorney of San Francisco who was just re-elected to her second term as attorney general, is the first to formally declare her candidacy. Harris's strong fund raising base in California from her two statewide runs and her close alliance with President Barack Obama, make her one of the most formidable candidates in the race. If elected she will be the first ever NRI elected to the US Senate. Harris was born to an Indian mother Dr Shymala Gopalan who emigrated from Chennai in the 60s, and Jamaican American father, Donald Harris, a Stanford University economics professor.