NRI bar owner helped catch New York bombing suspect

harinder-bainsSikh bar owner Harinder Bains is being hailed as a hero for helping capture Ahmad Khan Rahami, 28, the Afghan-American wanted for the weekend bombing in New York and New Jersey.

Bains, owner of the bar in Linden found Ahmad Khan Rahami sleeping in the doorway of his bar on Monday. Bains said he was watching the news on TV on his laptop from another business across the street.

At first he thought the man was a drunk resting in the vestibule but then he recognised Rahami and called the police. When officers responded, Rahami pulled out a handgun and opened fire, striking an officer in the chest. A foot chase then ensued during which Rahami was shot multiple times.

He was taken to a hospital for surgery. He was not cooperative at first, with the police who tried to interview him.

Attorney Ravi Batra said Bains dared to honour his Oath of Citizenship to protect and defend the Constitution from enemies.

In a statement the National Sikh Campaign said it was a brave and courageous act by Bains.