NRI cabbie throws out passengers over ISIS jibes in UK

INTERESlondcabKanak Hirani, 37, who was verbally and racially abused by four passengers who accused him of being a member of ISIS, threw his passengers out of his vehicle.

The passengers who did not pay the fare were picked up in Cardiff city, Wales and Hirani drove them to a cash point and the passengers then asked him to take them to the McDonald’s restaurant first. Reports say two of the men went into the restaurant to pick up the food and the other two stayed in the car.

Hirani then asked them for the 20 pounds already on the meter as he had no idea where they were going next, but the passenger sat in front and spat on the floor and when asked why, he denied he did it. Hirani then demanded the money up front.

The passengers said they would pay him when they got to their destination then abused him and threatened to knock him out. One also said ‘How do I know you’re not from ISIS’.

At that point Harani said he pushed the panic alarm and the passengers got out.

He has since reported the incident to the police and also given them video footage of the nasty event. He described the men as white, with brown and blond hair, wearing jeans.

A south Wales police spokesperson confirmed they are investigating the incident, and police in Cardiff are investigating the allegations of racial abuse and failure to pay the fare.