NRI ‘cheated’ by Punjab Government !

1ngnzlbwChand Singh Johal, from Moga who invested in the state in 2006, claimed he was cheated of crores by the Punjab government who sold him the land, even as he made some 60 visits to Punjab over the past 9 years, to meet officials and politicians.

Officials say Johal won the auction of Kaner Hotel and restaurant built over 3.88 acres on a Rs.4.5 crore bid from the Punjab Tourism Development Corporation (PTDC) in 2006, after which the land was registered in his name in June 2006. Johal however says he was cheated as the land will still under the possession of PTDC where it was running a petrol pump.

Johal approached the PTDC authorities with no success. He even wrote a letter to the PM’s office but has had no response.

He is now planning to start an awareness campaign in the UK to warn other NRIs of the ‘ways of the Punjab government’.