NRI couple are New Zealand’s longest married

INTERESnricoupAuckland couple Jeram Ravji and Ganga Ravji who have been married for nearly 81 years are of Indian origin and have been awarded New Zealand’s longest married couple by Family First NZ, a Christian lobby group.

The couple were betrothed at the age of 6 in India and married at the age of 19. Jeram will turn 100 in May and Ganga will reach 100 in June. Their family includes 6 children, 15 grandchildren and 25 great-grandchildren all living in Auckland.

Ganga said the key to a good marriage is to learn to make sacrifices and to take the good with the bad. The Ravjis said they love each other just as much now as they always have. He moved to New Zealand when he was 11 and they married at 19 and lived as a family in New Zealand from 1953.

As part of their award from Family First NZ, the Ravjis will have a professional photo sitting with their extended family. The last family photo was 10 years ago at their 90th birthday celebrations.

Even though Jeram was a freedom fighter during the British Raj, the Ravjis said they are looking forward to receiving a letter from the Queen when they turn 100 this year.