NRI crashes SUV into India/Pakistan border gates

CRIMcrashCanadian NRI Surinder Singh Kang, 50, drove his speeding SUV into the Wagah-Attari border gates.

He was taken into custody by Border Security Forces (BSF) personnel after he rammed into the first gate then drove to the next gate 800 metres away towards the international border, then rammed his vehicle into the second gate, and the vehicle came to a halt after ramming into the Pakistani side of the border gate. The crash left the Attari gate badly damaged and the Wagah gate was partially damaged.

The driver was arrested by BSF officials and his SUV was confiscated by Pakistani officials. The vehicle was returned at the request of the BSF.

Kang was allegedly drunk when he crashed into the gates and crossed the Zero Line. He was questioned by security agencies and handed over to the police who booked him under the section ‘attempt to murder’ of the Indian Penal Code, and other charges.

Kang hails from Nakodar area of Jalandhar district. The Attari Wagah gates are located 30 km from Amritsar.

The incident had made border officials cautious and led to the Punjab Rangers writing a letter to the BSF seeking an inquiry into the incident.