NRI cyberbully gets $188,776 grant from Facebook

ingcybbulSameer HInduja a cyberbullying expert from Florida Atlantic University has received a $188,776 grant from Facebook to study cyberbullying and dating violence among teenagers.

The goal of the study is to illuminate the nationwide prevalence, frequency and scope of the bullying and electronic dating violence among youth in the US.

Hinduja, co-director of the Cyberbullying Research Centre and professor of criminology and criminal justice explained that cyberbullying is a unique form of digital abuse that involves a range of tormenting, humiliating, threatening, and harassing behaviours that has gained attention in recent years.

Many teens in the US also experience dating violence that consists of various forms of insults threats and physical assaults.

HInduja and his collaborator Justin Patchin will construct a nationally representative panel of teens who will be surveyed with parental consent.

Hinduja received the ‘Global Anti-Bullying Hero Award’ 2015, from Auburn University for his efforts and contributions on the subject.