NRI doctors bring medical help to underprivileged children back home

Doctors connected to the Sister Nivedita Educational Foundation (SNEF) founded by educationists Gulabbhai and Ushaben Jani, have been working in schools in villages of Jasdan taluka of Rajkot and Chotila taluka of Surendrnagar, screening school children from under privileged classes and providing them medical help, as well as improving quality and infrastructure. The doctors recently organised a camp in a residential school in Boghravadar village where specialists included pediatrics, paediatricians, cardiologists, dentists, gynecologists and pharmacists. Mr Gulabbhai Jani said the US doctors have been going to the villages for nine years. The US based voluntary organisation Yuva Pragati helps and facilitates financial support to children who may require surgery in some cases, and thus far over 9000 children have been screened from 64 schools in the villages. Engineer Dinesh Gandhi from New Jersey said through the camps they provide immediate medications and arrange to provide further treatment as necessary. SNEF is a coalition of institutions and activities that promote education as a 'means to an end and not the end alone'.