NRI domestic helpers in Saudi to be covered by insurance

domestic workerThe Saudi government is considering arranging an insurance scheme for foreign domestic workers employed in Saudi homes.

The scheme seeks to cover accidents during work, abrupt termination, medical emergencies and illnesses, as well as violence inflicted by employers, exile, and termination due to unsatisfactory work.

Adel Al Issa who is in charge of the project said talks are in progress with insurance agencies, and final terms and compensation amounts will be finalised very soon.

It involves a census on the domestic workers, not an easy task as a number of them are employed in the sector on other visas. The administration is also looking for good working samples of a similar nature from other world governments.

The plan will be welcomed by thousands of workers including Malayalees working in the sector, as medical care is very expensive and hospitalization and other emergencies can drain one’s finances. The new provision may also lead to removal of middlemen who extract large amounts in the process.