NRI donates Rs.1.3 crore to Punjab University

INITIAjgillJaswant Gill, founder of Sun Deep Cosmetics in the US, returned to Punjab University after some 45 year, with a gift of Rs.1.3 crore, the interest of which will be able to fund four scholarships every year in the varsity’s pharmacy department.

Hailing from Gurdaspur district Gill had limited means in his childhood. He eventually joined PU in 1964 and left in 1969 after his post graduation, and said of the donation that ‘I studied free of cost for five years at the university..It was my dream that one day I should pay back..Better late than never”.

After passing out from PU, Gill migrated to the US. He worked in the cosmetic industry and founded Sun Deep Cosmetics about 25 years ago. It was named after his youngest son. It grew into a significant company in 2007 and Gill decided to donate to PU.