NRI found dead in house at Shahjahanpur, UP

shahjahanpurThe town of Banda was rocked by the murder of an Indian origin man at Basantpur village recently. According to police, 35-year-old Sukhjeet Singh was on a visit to his ancestral home with his wife and two sons, to visit his mother.

Singh who has been living in the UK for almost 10 years, is married to British resident Ramandeep Kaur and runs a transport business in Derby. The family reached India in July and after spending a couple of days in Delhi had gone to Shahjahanpur.

Family members discovered Singh’s body on a charpoy on their veranda. His son age 10 was sleeping beside him at the time of the incident. The boy however has no clue about the murder. Relatives say Singh has no enemies and was reported to have jovial relations with everyone.

Forensic experts were rushed to the village and Cops suspect involvement of someone close to the family. Interrogations with family members also revealed Singh was attacked in August but no FIR was registered.

The family was forced to postpone their return to Derby and Singh’s uncle Hardev Singh said his nephew had no enmity with anyone. He had gone to India to meet his mother and family. His return tickets were booked for next week.

Meanwhile the police say the house was locked from inside at the time of the incident. Someone known to the family could be behind the murder.