NRI groups allege discrimination by Yale University

Yale_logo2130 Asian-American organizations, including two Indian American groups have sought an investigation into admission practices of Yale University and two other Ivy League institutions, alleging they discriminate against students from the community on racial grounds.

The NRI groups – the American Society of Engineers of National Capital Chapter and the Global Organization of Los Angeles Chapter joined the other groups and had the complaint filed by the Asian-American Coalition for Education (AACE) against Yale, Brown University and Dartmouth College with the US Departments of Education and Justice.

The complaint says the 3 institutions discriminate against Asian American applicants, and participate in a covert insidious scheme to enforce face-based quotas in college admissions, which is in violation of the US Constitution.

The complaint has been brought against the three Colleges because they have maintained the lowest admission rates for Asian-American students while Yale not only maintains a low admission rate for Asian-American applicants, it also engages in destroying admissions records at its law school.

Last year a similar complaint was filed against Harvard University on behalf of Asian American students by a coalition of 64 groups that said well-qualified students are unfairly rejected because of their race.

The groups say the percentage of Asian-Americans at Yale and most other Ivy League colleges has declined because of ‘negative stereotyping coupled with racial quotas and caps, maintained by racially differentiated standards for admission.