NRI gynaecologist on trial in UK for groping patients

dr-mahesh-patwardhanDr Mahesh Patwardhan, 53, is on trial for allegedly groping 6 female patients including a mother of two.

He allegedly rubbed himself against women and grabbed them from behind while bending them over for an examination. He is also accused of telling one woman to strip so he could see her tattooed behind, and another that she would have lots of sexy sex and orgasms, after he quizzed her about her sex life.

The women treated by Dr Patwardhan at his NHS clinic in south London, and his private practices in Essex came forward to complain about his methods and he was reported to the UK General Medical Council.

He denies six counts of sexual assault that occurred between July 2008 and September 2012. He also denied fraud over claims he falsely billed private medical insurers for work he did not perform.

The trial is ongoing and expected to be concluded shortly.