NRI judge among 11 appointed by US President Obama

INGvchabbVince Chhabria, 46, a federal judge is among 11 people elevated as full-time judge in the state of California by President Barack Obama.

Chhabria was appointed the Bay Area’s first Indian American federal judge. Last year he was confirmed to a seat in San Francisco. He once clerked for US Supreme Court Judge Stephen Breyer as well as his brother San Francisco federal judge Charles Breyer.

Chhabria who was born in San Francisco went to the US from Mumbai on a college scholarship. He graduated with honours from the University of California, Berkeley and Santa Cruz.

The appointment transformed most of the Bay Area’s federal judiciary, the move being the most dramatic makeover of a district court bench in the nation.

The Judges are appointed to a lifetime tenure, are generally young, demographically diverse, and will decide Silicon Valley tech showdowns, civil rights challenges and major federal criminal law for the future.