NRI killed by friend who coveted his British wife

SukhjeetSinghMithu Singh murdered his school friend Sukhjeet Singh because of the woman they both loved. Mithu was arrested at the IG Airport in Delhi as he was about to board a flight out of the country.

The whole complicated story started with a family selfie on Sukhjeet’s smart phone that shows him posing for the camera with his wife of 11 years, who is a British citizen, as well as their two young kids and his school buddy Sukhjeet who works in Dubai. The picture that was taken when the group was vacationing in Jodhpur a few days earlier, kicked off the crime of passion that left their families shattered.

The police found the picture through Sukhjeet’s phone that was found near his blood-stained body with his throat slit, in his hometown Shahjahanpur. He had moved to the UK over a decade ago and worked as a transporter in Derbyshire. One day he met Ramandeep Kaur, a British citizen who, her friends say, was smart and pretty, and they fell in love and married in 2005.

In November that year Sukhjeet and family went on a vacation to Dubai at Mithu’s invitation, who lives there with his 3 brothers. It didn’t take long for Ramandeep and Mithu to hit it off and according to the police the two stayed in touch and chatted regularly. Gradually their relationship grew and they began to talk on the phone frequently.

Eventually Mithu and Ramandeep decided to meet and Ramandeep planned a visit to her uncle in Jalandhar the following year. During that trip her relatives noted her affection for Mithu and cautioned her against it but she seemed to have decided there was no looking back for her. Sukhjeet’s uncle’s (who is a DSP with the Punjab Police), efforts led to the murder mystery being solved.

In July this year, Sukhjeet landed in Delhi with his family and Muthu was again already there to join them as they toured the area. He was unaware of the affair between his wife and his best friend.

The group travelled to Jodhpur and Chandigarh then Mithu left for his native village in Kapurthala and Sukhjeet went to Shahjahanpur. This time he noticed the chemistry between his wife and her lover and he confronted Ramandeep about this and the two fought bitterly.

Mithu went to Shahjahanpur. He entered Sukhjeet’s home as Ramandeep opened the door for him and then he killed his friend Sukhjeet.

The lovers were taken into police custody and are to be produced in a local court soon. The phone calls of both were tracked and he was about to flee India when he was nabbed.

Sukhjeet’s uncle said his nephew had told him about his quarrel with his wife. He then provided the contact details to the police as he was sure that Mithu had killed Sukhjeet.