NRI lesbians phone home for support !

ISSUlesbianTamil NRI lesbians across the world say they have no one to talk to in their native language, so they are calling the lesbian helpline back home in Chennai.

Some call for solutions, some for support and some even call to check if a secret marriage can be arranged for them and their partners.

The Indian Community Welfare Organization (ICWO) launched the helpline for lesbians in 2009. It is the first such dedicated telephonic support group in the country. Its founder AJ Hariharan said they had women calling from rural areas to talk to the volunteers because they had no one else to turn to, as well as which talking to someone about their orientation could mean lynching.

He says in the last years calls have been received from the Tamil diaspora in places like Malaysia and the UAE. Callers have even asked if they can return to India to marry their partners and if the organisation would help arrange the marriage. Some callers are women who thought working overseas would make it easier to live as lesbians, but they now realise it is just as hard and sometimes even lonelier.