NRI maid’s arm chopped off by Saudi employer !

INTERcarmKasturi Munirathinam, 58, who worked as a domestic helper in Saudi Arabia, was the victim of a brutal attack and when she tried to escape from the house her right arm was chopped off, allegedly by her female employer.

The Indian Foreign Ministry has complained to the Saudi authorities, who have not yet commented on the incident.

The family of Ms Kasturi in Chennai said her employers were angered when she complained about the harassment she faced at their home where she began working just 3 months earlier. They are asking the government to help them get compensation from the Saudi family to help pay Kasturni’s medical expenses and return to India. She is being treated at a hospital in Riyadh.

Her family say she went to work in Saudi Arabia to help pay off the family debts and she was promised a salary of $180, but she was not paid and not allowed to speak to her family.

Unfortunately thousands of women from India seek work as domestic servants and labourers in the Arab states, and some are treated with loathing and violence. This incident comes just weeks after a Saudi diplomat in Delhi was accused of rape.