NRI Maoist charged with slavery, rape in UK

CRIMbalArvind Balakrishnan aka Comrade Bala, 75, who is a Maoist revolutionary leader in the UK has been charged with slavery, sexual assault and imprisonment of his own daughter.

Jurors at the Southwark Crown Court were told that Balakrishnan raped female followers and beat and imprisoned his daughter for 30 years after brainwashing the women into believing he was an all-powerful, all-seeing leader. He ruled a shrinking band of women supporters in his south London communist collective using threats of violence as he tried to overthrow the ‘fascist state’.

The daughter was completely under the influence of her father to the extent that even if she could have left the premises physically, she would never be free of the power her father exercised on her.

Balakrishnan who was a charismatic and energetic speaker was the organiser of a Communist group in Brixton in the ’70s that was known as the Workers Institute. He denies the charges against him.