NRI reaches Britain in his solar powered tuk tuk

naventuktukEngineer Naveen Rabelli, 35, reached Britain at the end of his 7-month, 6,200 mile overland trip. He said his journey was ‘fantastic’

As he arrived in Dover 5 days later than expected, after having his wallet and passport stolen in France, he was forced to apply for an emergency passport after the theft which happened after he parked his 3-wheeled tuk tuk to use a toilet at a McDonalds in Sarcelles, near Paris.

He said people helped him out along the way and supported him. They loved the tuk tuk particularly in Iran.

India-born Naveen, became an Australian citizen when working for an automotive engineer there.

His self-modified tuk tuk is kitted out with basic comforts including a bed, a co-passenger seat, cupboard and a solar-powered cooker. His overland journey took him through Iran, Turkey, Bulgaria, Serbia, Austria, Switzerland, Germany and France.