NRI Republican candidate contesting from Obama home state

Republican candidate Khansal Bansal is to contest in President Barack Obama's home state of Illinois, where Democrats hold sway. He has been active as a liaison between the administration of two western Chicago suburbs that has seen an influx of affluent educated Indian professionals. In effect thanks to Bansal's persistence, the city of Aurora became the first in the US to appoint an Indian American commission of which he is the chairperson. The city also became the first in the US to sponsor a Diwali celebration. Bansal runs a successful business and is an advocate of Indian Americans participating in the political process more vigorously. He has pledged to donate his entire salary as a legislator to charity, refuse the legislative pension and health care benefits, and also sponsor a bill to limit an Illinois state legislator's term to eight years in office. Bansal has resisted pressure from his advisers to change his first name to a shorter 'Americanised' one, as other NRI politicians like Nikki Hailey and Bobby Jindal have done.