NRI scientists develop technology to monitor cancer therapy

INGENssguptaA team of Indian scientists from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard Medical School has developed a nano-technology that will help monitor the effectiveness of cancer therapy within hours of treatment. The technology first delivers an anticancer drug to the tumour and if the tumour starts dying or regressing, it starts lighting up the tumour in real time.

Shiladitya Sen Gupta a principal investigator in MIT’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital said this way one can monitor whether a chemotherapy is working or not in real time, and switch the patients to the right drug early on, and not wait for months of chemotherapy, only to realise later, and after side effects, that the drug has not worked.

Gupta is a co-corresponding author of the breakthrough research published online in ‘The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences’. The first author of the paper is Ashish Kulkarni, from Maharashtra. He is a junior faculty at Harvard and trained as a Chemical Engineer at ICT Mumbai, then did a PhD in chemistry at the University of Cincinnati.

Other Indian members of the research team include Poornima Rao, Siva Natarajana, Venkata S Sabbisetti, Yashika Khater, Navya Korimerla, Vineethkrishna Chandrasekara and Raghunath A Mashelkar.