NRI sets up first gay marriage bureau in India

INITIAgaymarrBenhur Samson, has set up India’s first gay marriage bureau for homosexuals to help gay people find the right match.

Samson has also appointed the gay prince of Rajpipla, Manvendrasingh Gohil as a consultant, as well as lawyers, to look into the legal aspects of the marriages, including immigration, if an Indian marries a person abroad.

The marriage bureau that has been functioning for some 3 months now has already received around 250 inquiries and around 24 people have been enrolled and the process to identify a suitable match for them is underway.

Samson said those who sign up have to undergo counselling with experts as they first take a couple of months to know the person and only then do they begin the process.

The bureau charges $5000 so that only serious candidates apply for a match, and in the event the person does not find the match, the money charged is refundable.