NRI students create business incubator to help startups

INITIAstudentsUS students Aman Sharma and Bhavin Gupta both Westview High students, have created an incubator for startup businesses, to help budding entrepreneurs get their ideas off the ground for free by connecting companies with industry experts and arranging interns with expertise.

Gupta said they operate at no cost because charging startups is counter productive to their mission statement, and furthermore they hope to be an inspiration to younger students who want to pursue a career in business and entrepreneurship.

The pair have been described by the media as intelligent, motivated and thorough in their extensive research, even though they may not have a vast knowledge of how to run a business.

The young pair realistically expects skepticism because of their age but have kept their goal simple.

The pair have already helped three startups through their Oregon Business Incubator.