NRI Students in US show solidarity with JNU students backhome

INITIAsoidarityStudents, including NRIs from New York University and Cooper Union college in New York, gathered to support JNU Students Union leader Kanhaiya Kumar, and other students who were arrested on sedition charges last month.

One student said the main purpose of the gathering was to raise awareness about Kumar’s arrest, as at the time he was not saying anything anti government but was just doing his poetry reading.

One student activist at NYU Sumathy Kumar, commented that she as an activist, sometimes takes for granted the right to dissent in America, whereas back home in India the same freedom is not permitted.

Anthropology professor Tejaswini Ganti said she was glad students were voicing support for JNU students, and she thought universities should be an open forum for all opinions, even those that dissent against the governing party.