NRI students in US/UK support Kanhaiya against ‘sedition’ charge

INTIATyaleusityComing out in support of JNU students’ union president Kanhaiya Kumar who was arrested, beaten and abused for his so-called seditious speech, students and teachers from several international universities including University of California and Yale are narrating his “seditious” speech in English and uploading it on their online videos.

One student from the University of London said in video ‘I have never been a student of JNU but have interacted with students from there’. So she is narrating an excerpt from the speech. She said Universities are there for critical analysis of society’s collective conscience.

Two students from the University of California, Berkeley said ‘We challenge the RSS’s definition of justice and say your vision has no place in it for our vision of justice’. We will believe in freedom and justice when every person is able to exercise their constitutional rights.

Over 400 academicians from varsities including Columbia, Harvard and Cambridge came out in support of JNU students who agitated against a row over the event on campus.