NRI surgeon Sanjay Gupta second most popular doctor in US

INGENsguptaNRI neurosurgeon Sanjay Gupta is the second most popular doctor in the US according to a study that analyzed Twitter use by doctors across the US. Gupta is a surgeon at Emory Clinic in Atlanta, and a multiple Emmy-award winning chief medical correspondent for CNN. His popularity is surpassed only by another TV personality, Drew Pinsky of HLN who has 3.18 million followers on Twitter.

For the study students and researchers at Augustana University sorted through 4,500 users, in their mission to see how doctors are engaging with others on Twitter.

Sanjay Gupta joined CNN in 2001 and has 2.02 million followers on Twitter.

His biography on CNN says Gupta plays an integral role in CNN’s reporting on health and medical news for all CNN’s shows domestically and internationally and contributes to

Gupta’s medical training and public health policy experience distinguishes his reporting from war zones and natural disasters as well as on a range of medial and scientific topics.

Gupta’s TV personality is also found to be pleasant, believable and in fact almost infallible to viewers, who refer to him time and time again, as authority on the subject.