NRI takeaway owner brutally beaten stabbed in UK

INTERESsinduInsidIn November 2014 Narinder Sidhu, 52, aka Sid, who owns a fish-and-chips shop in Oldbury in the West Midlands, was brutally attacked when a man called Leon McTaggart, walked into his shop to buy a meal to takeaway, but suddenly turned violent and beat Sidhu to the floor and punched him over and over. He then stabbed Sidhu 5 times, once in the abdomen, twice in the left arm and twice in the back.

Sidhu’s 18-year-old daughter Simran who was in the shop, phoned the police and ran out of the shop screaming for help.

Sidhu was in surgery for 13 hours with the stab wounds, and McTaggart was arrested soon after. When interviewed all he responded was ‘no comment’.

In 2015 he was sentenced to 14 years prison and is now at a prison in Buckinghamshire. He also had previous convictions for burglary and was already on bail for throwing a phone at a police officer.

In his first interview since the attack Sidhu said that it was not his time to die, and that he, his wife and two daughters are still coming to terms with the awful attack.