NRI to build 6000 homes for India’s homeless

INITIArainaRobin Raina, who runs a billion dollar American software company and recently won a multi-million dollar deal with the London Stock Exchange, is troubled to see slums being demolished and scores of people rendered homeless in India. He has now decided to come to the rescue of Delhi’s Bawana refugees by building them homes.

Having built 1732 homes for the refugees living behind Red Fort, Raina said, his next mission is to build 6000 more homes for the homeless in Delhi and Noida at a cost of around 420 million.

Raina recently set up the Robin Raina Foundation (RRF) and pledged his time and resources to philanthropy. He became aware of the problem of homelessness in India when he first learned of the plight of the Bawana refugees whose slums were demolished for the 2010 Commonwealth Games.

Now the RRF works across India with projects in all parts of the country, including projects targeted to providing education, food and clothing, medical care and shelter to slum dwellers’ children.

By the end of 2017 RRF’s intention is to invest $120 million in India in R&D and acquisitions, particularly as PM Narendra Modi has opened up the country for business, especially with his Digital India dream.