NRI to face firing squad for killing wife in UAE

CRIMinsidAn Indian national identified only as AQ, and his Pakistani friend RA are to face the firing squad in the UAE, after Dubai’s highest court upheld their death sentence for strangling the Indian’s wife to death in 2013, after she accused him of adultery.

AQ and RA had pleaded not guilty, but they both lost their legal battle and are to be executed for strangling the wife in bed before putting her body in a garbage bag and dumping it in Al Fuqaa area. Her body was discovered by a Bangladeshi cleaner.

AQ’s father said his late daughter-in-law often complained to him over the phone that his son often beat her and cheated on her with a Filipina. Police say AQ confessed to the killing because he could not afford to pay her maintenance if he divorced her. The two friends then murdered the wife while she slept.

The death penalty is rarely applied in the UAE, also because it can be commuted if the family of the victim forgives the murder, and accepts financial compensation for the crime.