NRI wannabe groom dupes woman of millions

online-matrimonial-fraudsA man who claimed to be a doctor in Chicago, reached out to a young south Delhi woman on a matrimonial website. The woman immediately responded and after corresponding with him for a month she was convinced he was the one she was destined to marry.

Sadly, she had not anticipated that over the next months she would be duped of lakhs of rupees and the wannabe groom would disappear.

The woman filed a complaint with police in South Delhi saying she had started chatting with Dr Eric Hassan, who called her from US numbers and sent long emails expressing his love.

After a few weeks he proposed marriage and said he would come to meet her family this June.

Shortly after, he said he planned to move to India and he wanted her to buy a flat for them. He allegedly transferred $400,000 and precious gifts including a wedding ring to the eager girl. The consignment arrived and a customs official called her saying that it needed to be released from the customs vault, which she would have to do at her expense.

It is no doubt going to be a long running case for the police and the courts.

To get to the crux of the story the gullible woman was duped. A sorry tale, but one that should make other young women cautious in their choice of strange NRI husbands.