NRI woman awaits six years unpaid salary in Saudi Arabia

Shamsumma was brought to Saudi Arabia by a recruitment agency and was employed by Saudi family as a domestic helper on a monthly wage of $240. The wage was reduced to $186 and after receiving salary for four months her employer refused to pay her. Shamsumma was also not permitted to speak to or contact anyone, but two months ago she managed to contact a compatriot who advised her to call her family to lodge a formal complaint with the Indian Embassy. The Embassy intervened and traced her whereabouts with the help of local police after which the employer agreed to pay her dues of $8792 and make arrangements for her final exit from the country for which he sought three weeks to arrange. Shamsumma was taken out of her employer's house and is currently staying at the government housemaid welfare centre in Riyadh, but even after three weeks the employer has not fulfilled his promise. An embassy official said they are following up the matter and Shamsumma will soon get to go back home with her dues.