NRI woman faces deportation for phone scam in US

CRIMnnpatelINSNikita Patel, 25, who was arrested last September, worked as a pick-up runner for money sent by people. She has been now sentenced to 3 years probation for money laundering and could face deportation for her role in a $170,000 phone scam in which thousands were netted from some 72 victims from 32 states.

Ms. Patel fooled people into believing that they owed the IRS back taxes. She would also take a cut for herself then send the rest to India where the fraudulent phone calls originated. Akash S Patel, 33, another runner was also arrested.

Both Patels were at first charged with conspiracy to commit theft by deception. Later however Nikita and Akash pleaded guilty, she to a second degree charge and he to a third degree theft charge. He was also sentenced to probation and was later deported.