NRI woman fined just 1 pound and deportation

A Scotland Court has ordered Satnam Kaur, 31, who stole from her client, to pay back a token one pound and be deported. Kaur who worked with the Royal Bank of Scotland in Aberdeen city siphoned $180,780 from a client that she transferred back to India in 2011. Last year Kaur was jailed for one year after being found guilty. The court has now heard that the Crown Office and Indian authorities failed to find any money after a long investigation. The Crown Office said when an accused has no available assets at the time a case is settled, a nominal order for 1 pound is made against them, which ensures that the Crown can confiscate any assets traced in the future up to the total amount stolen. Kaur is awaiting deportation and is being held at a Removal Centre in Bedford waiting to be flown to India.