NRI woman sentenced to life for killing infant in Dubai

A 30-year-old Indian nanny identified only with her initials RT, has been sentenced to life by the Dubai Court of First Instance, for strangling to death an 11-month British baby girl when her parents were at work in January. The forensic report confirmed the infant was strangled to death with a scarf. The accused wept as she entered her plea saying she did not kill the baby who she loved like her own child, and said she is a mother of two and there is no way she could have done such a thing. She allegedly wrapped the baby's neck and gagged her with her hand to stop her from making a noise. She then continued her daily house work not caring that the baby was lying motionless on her bed. Police said the accused confessed that she killed the baby because she was undergoing difficult conditions after her mother passed away in India a month earlier, and her employer refused to send her back because he wanted her to take care of the baby and he had spent a lot of money to bring the nanny to the country. The infant victim's mother, originally from India, is a British citizen.