NRI woman sues Australia supermarket chain

ntbllvygRanjiv Kaur, 25, of Melbourne, who almost died after eating mushrooms laced with death caps in April last year, is suing Australia’s supermarket chain Woolworths.

Kaur suffered severe food poisoning after she ate a mushroom and potato curry cooked by her mother, who also fell ill as did her housemate. Kaur then fell into a week-long coma following an emergency liver transplant, multiple organ failure and surgery.

Kaur is now suing Woolworths as she believes the mushrooms caused the near fatal crisis.

Woolworths denies the claim citing an ACT Health and ACT Police investigation into the incident that found no evidence the mushrooms were sold at Woolworths.

Unfortunately Ranjiv is now also facing a battle to stay in Australia as she is on a bridging visa and may be forced to return to India if the immigration department does not accept her application for permanent residency.  She cannot work and is being supported by the local Sikh community.