NRI women go back home to escape domestic violence

Domestic-violenceA Hyderabad Minorities Commission is catering to the rights of NRI women who return to Andhra Pradesh and Telangana in order to escape domestic violence and abuse abroad, where they cannot access legal assistance in the countries where they live with their husbands.

Last month the Commission accepted and investigated two such cases filed by women in the UAE and the US, which accounted for nearly 321 such cases in the past five years. Victims in most cases are women aged 25 to 35 years who endured violence for over 1 year of marriage. Most cases were violence from estranged husbands, and some also complained against the kin including in-laws.

The commission has also become a last resort for women who are forced by their own parents to remain in the marriage. In several cases women do not file for divorce or aid as police do not cooperate.

The Chairman of the Commission Abid Rasool Khan said women have failed to get aid from Indian embassies even if they wish to complain in places including Saudi Arabia, even as most cases that went to the NGO Social Reforms Society in Jeddah ended up in out-of-court settlements, and some ended in legal divorce.

Also the victims failed to go through the proper channels of legal aid, and tend to lose and get no alimony or other financial support that they are entitled to. As the cases are not booked in their home countries the accused also fail to be accountable to the law.