NRI’s $70 million ‘Taj Mahal’ in Australia to be demolished

INTERtajPankaj and Radhika Oswal’s 70 million dollar property in Perth, where they were in the course of building a mansion that was known as the ‘Taj Mahal-on-the-Swan’, that included a temple, gym, observatory and revolving roof parking area, is to be demolished since the couple failed to reach an agreement with the local council.

The Oswals who are former fertiliser magnates were building the controversial property, but fled the country in 2011 when their Barrup Fertilisers empire collapsed a year earlier. They left owing millions of dollars in taxes, after having spent over 25 million buying the land before starting the construction of the mansion. Work on the mansion however ended in 2010 when the couple left for Dubai because of business problems.

According to the authorities an application by the Oswals to prevent the demolition was withdrawn and the site must be cleared by September 20 2016, all at the Oswal’s expense.

They say they were aware the project was a nuisance for the immediate neighbours because of the antisocial behaviour, such as noisy parties, smoking dope at the premises and the like at the abandoned property. They are now pleased they are heading for a resolution and know that the building will be demolished.