NRIs ask US President Obama to avoid Nara Lokesh

zg1aygr9Nara Lokesh went on a US tour where he kick started his Smart Village program and  held a ‘Meet & Greet’ program in Los Angeles where over 600 enthusiastic NRIs met him and 126 individuals signed for adoption of the Smart Village/ward program. Later the TDP LA wing welcomed him with a 100 car rally. Lokesh then made a presentation and speech about developing wards for a Smart Andhra Pradesh and invited NRIs to adopt a village of their choice.

But, in a rare show of determination, in a letter to President Barack Obama, a group of NRIs have asked him not to meet with Nara Lokesh who has been collecting money from a select few and trying to gift it to the US Democratic Party.

They asked Obama  not to be taken in by this, as apart from being the son of the most corrupt chief minister ever in the history of Andhra Pradesh, Nara has no qualification worth mentioning.

The NRI North America Convener Guruva Reddy from Atlanta also alleged that in his capacity as the Chief Co-Coordinator of the TDP Cadre fund Lokesh had collected a huge sum of money from across the world, and by donating $10,000 he will make himself eligible for a handshake with Obama which he will turn into a boast that he was personally invited by President Obama.