NRI’s burnt body found in Hyderabad

Goutham ReddyS. Goutham Reddy, 30, who had gone to meet his parents in Hyderabad, went missing from his home and was found dead in Bowenpally. His charred body was recovered by the police.

Sources said Goutham was working in Kenya and married six months ago, but he was troubled by issues at work.

He is the younger son of Venkat Reddy, a businessman from Bowenpally, and had been working as a director for Thrive Energy Technologies for 7 years. Six months ago he married Yamini and the couple moved to Nairobi. A week ago he called his father and told him of the financial situation at work and sounded very upset. His father asked him to come to Hyderabad for a break and Reddy and wife landed in Hyderabad shortly after. One day after lunch he left home saying he would return soon. His father said though he looked depressed, they thought they’d talk to him and help him to handle the stress, because except for his depression he had no worries, was happily married, and well settled.

On Friday morning a scrap vendor found the charred decomposed body of Goutham. Police recovered an empty soft drink bottle that smelled of petrol and a matchbox at the spot. An Inspector said they found no injuries to his body, so have altered the case to ‘suspicious death’ and are awaiting the autopsy.