NRIs can now add their name to local bank accounts

ISSUnri-bank-accountNow NRIs can open joint accounts with their relatives in India, and when opened they can operate the account as ‘either or survivor’ replacing the past rules that the Indian joint account holder had to pass away and the account was operated under the ‘former or survivor’ description.

The system that allows NRIs to transact in joint accounts will be beneficial and help monitor the account closely. Expats will also have greater control over the accounts that will be treated under the norms that apply to resident Accounts, meaning that cheques and cash from outside remittances cannot be accepted. If the expatriate wants to join his name to the account of an Indian joint account holder, the holder must be a close relative.

When the Indian counterpart dies, the sole right would go to the expatriate and the account would have to be converted to an NRO account.

There are no restrictions on sending money from NRO accounts to foreign locations.