NRIs form biggest immigrant bloc in 9 US states

INTERimigraData from the US department of homeland security shows that Asian Indians form the biggest group of naturalised Americans in nine states, mostly in the eastern US. Indians taking up US citizenship has grown from about 30,000 annually to over 60,000 annually, accounting for some 500,000 Indians who became American in the ten years from 2003 to 2013.

Mexicans still dominate the central and western half of the US and remain the single largest group of naturalised citizens.

However in 9 states including New Jersey, New York, Ohio, and Maryland, Indians lead in terms of taking up citizenship.

The Data also shows that 50% of emigrating Indians are in the prime earning age of 25-44. Retirees and homemakers form less than 10%, and some 35% who took US citizenship worked in management, professional, service production and sales occupations.