NRIs form UK's largest voter group

Over 600,000 NRIs form the UK's largest foreign born voter population, and could play a decisive role in certain constituencies in the forthcoming general election in May. Other migrant groups on the voter list are those from Pakistan at 431,000; the Irish Republic 297,000, Bangladesh 183,000 and Nigeria 182,000. The figures are derived from the UK's Office for National Statistics analysis of 2001-2011 census data and include voters who are eligible to vote as Commonwealth citizens or have become British citizens after living in the UK for five or more years. A study by Manchester University and the Migrants' Rights Network concludes that although migrants do not tend to vote as a bloc, previous patterns suggest they are likely to prefer parties viewed as positive about race equality and immigration. For the first time it is predicted that over 50 percent of voters of the eligible electorate will have been born abroad in at least two areas – East Ham and Brent North – both with large Indian origin populations.