Number of Indian students in US up by 29.4%

INTERESinsidAccording to the latest Open Doors Report on International Education Exchange, from hosting some 102000 Indian students last year, the US has been the destination for 30,000 more students in 2014-15 – the largest growth from a single country.

Experts attribute the jump to the surge in international schools in India, that make overseas education an attractive choice for Indian students, as well as the stabilizing rupee value and liberal economic policies.

A consular section chief said that Gujarat and Maharashtra make up the biggest pool of students from the western region that includes Chhattisgarh, Goa and Madhya Pradesh.

Science, technology, engineering, math, (STEM) remained the most popular choice of study among Indian students. Students who are unable to get into STEM are looking at data analytics.

One expert says the US education system is preferred over other nations as it has flexible options; as in a student can pursue a doctorate after his/her undergraduate programme, unlike in India where a master programme is a pre-requisite.