Nurse gets a years jail for stealing Rs.11 in 1989 !

MERANURSEAfter 26 years of investigation and 185 hearings, a nurse from Etah, UP, has been sentenced to a year in prison and fined Rs.100 for misappropriating Rs.11 in a sterilisation racket in 1989 when a sterilisation drive was conducted on 4,600 men and women, to whom the government gave Rs.181 each as an incentive. The nurse Noorjahan’s accomplice also a hospital employee was given the same punishment.

In one of the camps 12 people were registered for sterilisation but the then MLA alleged the medical staff at the camp had registered fake figures and appropriated the money.

An enquiry was organised under the Agra vigilance department, that took 7 years to find out that 11 of the 12 cases were indeed fake.

The then DSP of the Agra anti-corruption cell took up the matter and an FIR was filed in 1996 against five people including the nurse Noorjahan and her accomplice.

Over the 26 years of investigations 3 of the accused passed away.