Occultist slits throats of 5 before committing suicide in Moga

MERAmogaOccultist Harinder Pal Singh Sodhi, 80, brutally killed five persons including two young girls in a suspected tantra ritual.

Police say the killer first stunned the victims with a poisonous substance before slitting their throats, and he then committed suicide by taking the same poison. The victims were the family of one Bachint Singh who had invited Sodhi to perform a ritual at his home. The bodies were found in a room of the house.

They say Sodhi was a ‘granthi’ at a gurdwara and the murders were the outcome of a tantric ritual. Villagers also said Sodhi was involved in occult practices and often visited the homes of Dalits in the village.

A case has been registered against Sodhi and an investigation is ongoing that is exploring all angles.