Over 111 crore Indians at risk of contracting malaria : WHO

The World Health Organisation announced that India has 12.8 crore suspected malaria cases and India recorded 8.81 confirmed cases which means just 7% of malaria cases are being confirmed in the country. This means as many as 111 crore Indians are actually at risk of getting infected with malaria, of which 28 crore have been found to be at highest risk. India also faces the deadliest threat of the malaria strain becoming resistant to the most advanced drugs available, thanks to unregulated selling of banned malaria therapies. According to the World Malaria Report 2014 by the WHO, about 1.4 billion people are at some risk for malaria in the 10 malaria-endemic countries in south east Asia, with 352 million at high risk. On the positive side India and Thailand are on track to achieve a decrease of 50-75% in case incidence by 2015. One of the reasons for the decrease in India is the increased testing of suspected malaria cases by microscopy. Globally as well, an increasing number of countries are moving towards malaria elimination.