Over 250 kg gold missing from Padmanabhaswamy temple

In his audit submitted to the Supreme Court former chief government auditor Vinod Rai, who was asked last year to conduct an audit, reported that 266 kgs of gold is missing from the Sree Padmanabhaswamy temple in Thiruvananthapuram. The report that was obtained by media reveals that of the 893 kg of gold that was given for various works, only 627 kg was returned to the temple. Reacting to the developments, Communist Party of India-Marxist legislator V Sivankutty said a few years back all hell broke loose when V S Achuthanandan said things were not proper at the temple as far as the priceless treasures upkeep was concerned, and he blamed the Travancore Royal Family. He now says this new audit report calls for responsibilities to be placed and those people who have caused the loss of the gold should be exposed. The erstwhile Travancore Royal Family has not yet reacted to auditor Rai's report.