Over 25,000 weddings in one day in Delhi !

HAPP25kmarrgOn the day that is listed in Indian lunar almanacs as the most auspicious day of the season for marriages, some 25,000 weddings took place in Delhi, causing almost uncontrollable traffic jams, even though the police deployed the maximum number of traffic police they had, to manage the gridlock.

The day is said to be very auspicious because of ‘Ekadashi tithi’ the 11th day since the New Moon. The next two auspicious days for weddings are December 12 and 13, but a priest said no day this year can beat the record set by December 7.

Apart from the traffic, wedding managers, bands, and caterers as well as farm house owners and banquet hall owners were all booked solid and had to provide additional staff to make the auspicious wedding day one to remember.