Over 50% prisoners in India are Muslims, Dalits and Tribals

According to an official report on prisons, three of the most vulnerable sections of Indian society, Muslims, Dalits and adivasis, make up over half of India's prison population, although the proportion of these three communities adds up to just about 39%, their share amongst prisoners is at a high 53%. In 2013 India had 420,000 people in prison, nearly 20% of which were Muslims although the share of Muslims in India's population is just about 13%. Dalits make up 22% of prisoners and their proportion of the population is around 17%, while advasis make up 11% of prisoners, their share in the general population is 9%. Experts say this trend is not because these communities commit more crimes, it is because they are economically and socially under-privileged, unable to fight costly cases or even pay bail. Some say these communities are targeted with false cases. Sadly the proportion of Muslims, dalits and adivasis in prison remains virtually unchanged over the past 15 years indicating that this is a chronic systemic problem.