Pakistani spy’s wife does not want ‘enemy’s child’


Asma the pregnant wife of ISI spy Mohamed Aijaz who was arrested in Meerut, told her parents who went to take her back home to Bihar that she does not want to bring up the baby of a Pakistani spy as she does not want to bear the stigma of being called the ‘mother of a spy’s child’.

Asma’s father Shamsher Ali told the media that they had been socially ostracised when news of their son-in-law reached their village.

One senior special task force officer said Asma is perhaps right that she was unaware of her husband’s real identity, and she has gone back to live with her parents.

A district probation officer said ‘If Asma wants to leave the child in government custody she can hand it over to the child welfare committee that would send the child to a home in Rampur.

Regarding the citizenship of the child a lawyer said ‘even if the father is Pakistani and the mother Indian if the child is born in India, it would receive Indian citizenship by birth as per provisions of the Indian Citizenship Act of 1955.